Installing MySQLdb for Python 3 in Windows

My favorite Python connector for MySQL or MariaDB is MySQLdb, the problem with this connector is that it is complicated to install on Windows!

I am creating this article for those who want to install MySQLdb for Python 3 for Windows. Especially me, since each time I am doing a Python project that needs to connect to MariaDB or MySQL I always look on how to install MySQLdb.

If you are interested why I prefer MySQLdb compared to other MySQL connectors you may want to read the comparison of MySQL-connector and MySQLdb from Charles Nagy.

Problems with installing MySQLdb on Windows

You can actually install MySQLdb using pip. See pypi documentation here.

Unfortunately, the pypi documentation is already out of date with the latest release was on Jan 3, 2014. Continue reading Installing MySQLdb for Python 3 in Windows