Gizduino Patch Installation in Windows 10

There are two ways to install Gizduino in the Arduino IDE. One I have already written here, and the next method is written on this post. Personally, this is my favorite method of installing Gizduino as it shows a better description in selecting the Gizduino Boards in the Boards Menu.

Note: The steps below can also be used for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

If you are wondering how to install Gizduino in Windows then just follow the steps below.

1. Install the latest version of the PL2303 Prolific Driver for Windows

2. Download and Install the latest Arduino IDE release

Link to the Arduino Software:

Arduino IDE Windows Installer

Author’s Notes:

As of writing the latest Arduino IDE is 1.8.5. I prefer to download the non-install version (160 MB download). Just unzip on your preferred location on your drive, run the arduino.exe and wait for the Arduino IDE to initialize.

When unzipped it occupied around 399 MB of space in your drive. Then you can delete the zip file once unzipping was finished. Continue reading Gizduino Patch Installation in Windows 10