How to connect to WiFi using nmcli

Below are commands that you can use to connect and check the status of your WiFi connection using nmcli.

I usually use this when connecting my Rock Pi running Ubuntu to the WiFi Network. But commands below will also work as long as you have the nmcli in your Linux System.


Turn On WiFi

# Turn on WiFi
nmcli r wifi on

Scan WiFi Networks

# Scan WiFi Networks
nmcli dev wifi
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How to install PostgreSQL 15 on Ubuntu

If you try to run the command sudo apt install postgresql in Ubuntu it will install Postgresql version 14 instead of version 15. As of writing the Ubuntu repository does not include version 15.

Follow the tutorial below for a detailed guide to successfully installing PostgreSQL 15.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Configuring Postgresql 15 in Ubuntu

The following steps were tested in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. If there are new versions of Ubuntu, I will test the steps again and update this post.

1. Installation

1.1 Add the Postgresql Package Repository to Ubuntu

Run the commands below to add the official Postgresql package repository to Ubuntu.

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