How to install ChefDK in Amazon Linux 2

The ChefDK is a package that includes everything you need to start using Chef. You will need this if you want to develop using chef.

Since I always use Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2, I tend to choose Amazon Linux 2 even for projects using Chef.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install ChefDK in an EC2 instance running Amazon Linux 2.

Installation via shell commands

SSH to your Amazon Linux 2 EC2 Instance and run the command below.

curl | sudo bash -s -- -c current -P chefdk

This will install the latest version of ChefDK.

For production systems we should specify the specific version of ChefDK or else this will install the version. To do this we need to add the -v option in the end of the command.

Below is an example where we install ChefDK version 4.7.73.

curl | sudo bash -s -- -c current -P chefdk -v 4.7.73

Next is to check if chef was installed properly. Go to the Verification section of this post.

Installation via ChefDK Download Page

Go to

You may select your desired version for ChefDK. Default is the latest stable version.

Copy the URL for the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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How to install Grafana on EC2 Amazon Linux 2

Grafana is an open source software that specializes in creating graphs and visualizations for users to easily understand the time-series data.

On this step-by-step guide, we will be launching an EC2 Instance with Amazon Linux 2 as the operating system, then install and run Grafana.

EC2 Instance Setup

Launch an EC2 Instance using the Amazon Linux 2 AMI.

For reference here are the settings of my EC2 Instance.

AMIAmazon Linux 2
Instance Typet2.micro (free tier) or
t3a.nano (cheapest)
Storage8GB General Purpose SSD (gp2)
TagsKey: Name
Value: Grafana-Server
Security GroupSee below (EC2 Security Group Setup)

Note: This post is about installing Grafana on Amazon Linux 2. Launching an EC2 Instance will not be discussed here.

EC2 Security Group Setup

For the EC2 Instance Security Group I opened SSH (22) and default Grafana port (3000) to the internet (

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