How to install Grafana on EC2 Amazon Linux 2

Grafana is an open source software that specializes in creating graphs and visualizations for users to easily understand the time-series data.

On this step-by-step guide, we will be launching an EC2 Instance with Amazon Linux 2 as the operating system, then install and run Grafana.

EC2 Instance Setup

Launch an EC2 Instance using the Amazon Linux 2 AMI.

For reference here are the settings of my EC2 Instance.

AMIAmazon Linux 2
Instance Typet2.micro (free tier) or
t3a.nano (cheapest)
Storage8GB General Purpose SSD (gp2)
TagsKey: Name
Value: Grafana-Server
Security GroupSee below (EC2 Security Group Setup)

Note: This post is about installing Grafana on Amazon Linux 2. Launching an EC2 Instance will not be discussed here.

EC2 Security Group Setup

For the EC2 Instance Security Group I opened SSH (22) and default Grafana port (3000) to the internet (

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