Showing “Open with Atom” when right clicking File or Folder in Windows 10

When right clicking on the File or Folder in Windows Explorer, the context menu will not show “Open with Atom” as an option. Because of this a user would need to open Atom Text Editor then Add Project Folder to see the Folder Tree on the side bar. Quite a lot of steps really.

Having a “Open with Atom” would be a time saving feature.

Context Menu for Folders


Context Menu for Files

The Context Menu is the menu that you can see every time you right-click a file or folder in Windows Explorer or Windows Desktop.

Is there a way to add “Open with Atom” on the context menu when you right click on a file or folder?

Yes, there is. Follow the instructions below.

Open Atom Text Editor.

Click on <strong>File</strong> then <strong>Settings</strong>.

Click on <strong>System</strong>.

The System Settings would then show you the screen below.

Check the following boxes.

  • Show in file context menus
  • Show in folder context menus

That is it. You can now see the “Open with Atom” on the Context Menu when you right click a File or Folder on Windows Explorer.

Below are screenshots of the Context Menu with <strong>Open with Atom</strong>.

Folder Context Menu

When selecting the Open with Atom when right-clicking a folder it will open Atom Text Editor with the sidebar showing the folder tree.

File Context Menu

When opening a file via the Context Menu will open the file in Atom Text Editor.

I hope this helps save you time when opening files or folders via the context menu in Windows.

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